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Our work is geared exclusively to the diagnostic and treatment of surgical diseases.

We do nor offer vaccinations or other services that should be provided by your attending veterinarian.

We keep constant contact with the attending veterinarian regarding the treatment options for your pet.

We consider ourselves an extension of the multiple veterinary clinics that work with us for several years.

The Team

Rafael Pratas Lourenço
Starts his clinical activity in 1999 and begins specific studies in veterinary surgery in 2000. In 2002 starts to collaborate with multiple veterinary clinics in the field of veterinary surgery (exclusively since 2004) with special focus on traumatology and orthopedic surgery, working with more than 40 Portuguese veterinary clinics.
In 2008 initiates the Loures Veterinary Surgical Center project, the first Portuguese veterinary center working exclusively in the field of veterinary surgery. Since then and until now the center receives referral patients from more than 80 veterinary clinics.
> Click here to read interview in "Veterinária Atual" (in Portuguese).

Joana Oliveira
Has a course on veterinary nursing. Working since June 2015 in the field of veterinary surgery nursing.


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